Xplocial SCAM!?

Xplocial Scam

Is Xplocial a scam? Or can you really make a significant income promoting the program and building an Xplocial business?

Quite honestly the answer you receive to this question will depend who you ask. Many Network Marketers like to review just about every business opportunity as a scam, to turn around and sell you on what they’re promoting, which obviously is the furthest thing from a scam you can get. Or there are the people who have experienced failure in MLM, and like to troll around labeling every opportunity they come across as a scam.

The truth of the matter is that Xplocial is not a money making scheme. It’s not a magic pill, and it won’t make you millions without time and effort on your part. Xplocial is not something you sign up for once and sit back while commission checks start rolling in automatically.

But really… Is Xplocial a scam?

From our experience we can assure you it is not. Not only have we leveraged Xplocial to give away valuable incentives to build our list, we are planning a vacation to Hawaii for cheaper than we ever thought possible, thanks to the Xplocial product. We’re also earning consistent residual income which we built up in under a month!?

OK, so lets back track for a minute here and talk about what Xplocial is, since we’ve already covered what it is not.

Xplocial is an unprecedented business opportunity whose product and service revolves around incentive marketing. Members can enroll to promote the Xplocial opportunity, and also for the rights to use and give-away valuable incentive deals like vacation discounts, cruise vouchers, shopping coupons, restaurant discounts, and many more free give-away offers.

Xplocial is quite frankly changing the network marketing game, by offering 100% commissions on the sales volume you generate. This is significantly more than the 5%-10% offered by most MLM companies for distributors who are just getting started, and means you can make more money, more quickly with the same amount of effort required with other opportunities.

Xplocial is also 100% open to the global economy. We’ve been involved for under 2 months and already have teammates in the US, UK, Singapore, Australia, France, Belgium, New Zealand, Indonesia… and the list goes on.

The other cool thing about Xplocial is it is extremely compatible with other Network Marketing companies, and can effectively be used as a funded proposal to attract more prospects for your primary business, or it can stand alone as a valuable money making opportunity.

So why are there still people claiming that Xplocial is a scam?

The main reason is because they hear about the super success stories of Xplocial distributors who build up $5000 worth of residual income in 2 weeks, or $10,000 in under 30 days, and then they fail to see these great results for themselves. While these types of results are completely possible with Xplocial’s program and 100% commissions, for most people it will take more time and more effort than they think. So when they don’t see immediate results, they scream SCAM!

While Xplocial has a low cost, is relatively easy to break even, and offers a huge opportunity to make a terrific income from home, it will not build itself. Your action, effort and focus over time are required. But, Xplocial is a great option for building a business by leveraging new-school marketing tactics, and with the training and support of Xplocial Team Builders, wherever you are advanced or newbie, you can jump in and start creating success.

Would you like an opportunity to join some of the most successful people in Network Marketing, to have an mentors on your road to building a real business and creating financial fredom?

Ask yourself… Do you want to start earning more income sooner, or later? All you need to do now, is click the link below to check out a free 20 min video which will lay out the path, and help you to see the truth behind the Xplocial Scam claims, and so you can decide for yourself if this opportunity is for you. 






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