What is Xplocial?

What is Xplocial?

If you’ve learned about Xplocial, and have done some Googling on the company, you may have quickly noticed there is a ton of mis-information out there. Bloggers, Empower Networkers, and MLSP’ers have been reviewing Xplocial without having any idea of what it actually is. It’s pretty comical actually, but we’re going to help clear up the confusion for you right now.

Xplocial is an unprecedented home based business opportunity offering 100% commissions, while being simple, fun and different from anything else you’ve seen before. It’s a lead generation tool, a funded proposal, and a lucrative money making opportunity that leverages the power of incentive marketing.

Take Control of Your Lifestyle and Financial Future NOW!

You will then be able to enjoy life like never before…

The core mission of Xplocial is to help you make more money with having to sponsor fewer people, all the while having more fun, and experiencing more exciting adventures for yourself.

Lets back track for a minute… What is a funded proposal? A funded proposal is a marketing plan that you can use to sell an inexpensive product to your target market. Funded proposals effectively get your target market to pay you to become a lead for your primary business.

This really is essential for Network Marketers who are getting started, because the nasty truth hardly anyone is talking about is that Network Marketing is BROKEN! It’s true, 87% of people who buy into the Network Marketing dream, make absolutely no money, and yet continue to pay month after month.

By leveraging a funded proposal you can actually make some money to cover these costs of building a home based business. Most funded proposals consist of nothing more than training, and a little jump start help on building your online platform.

Funded proposals are enticing to marketers and business people, who are exactly the caliber of people you want to attract into your business to really become successful. Not your friends and family who have little to no business experience.

With Xplocial you get the training, the plug and play platform, and more!

Xplocial is different than many other funded proposals on the market today because there is a real and valuable product behind it, not just training or help getting started as a marketer. The product is digital, automatic, and has real value for marketers, because it is valuable incentives!

Incentives like free Exclusive Vacation Package Deals, Cruises, Restaurant Coupons, Shopping Discounts, and more helping your prospects and customers save money! Xplocial members can both use and give away these incentives in marketing and promotional efforts.

Incentives can be used as referral gifts, as bonuses for purchasing, or you can even give them away to people who simply take the time to view your presentations or attend home parties.

In addition to the amazing incentive marketing opportunities you tune into with Xplocial you also receive a complete fast start business training series. A referral marketing training course, and access to 24 powerful and instant marketing ideas for your business.

Xplocial is an unprecedented system for creating passive residual income, and it has the power to set you free from the daily grind of a 9-5. If you’re ready to never have to feel trapped by time or money again , you’d definitely want to consider the Xplocial income producing program.

But before you join Xplocial, be sure you check out XplocialTeamBuilders.com, to grab even more bonuses for joining, like a free sales funnel blog, free training and bonuses that you are able to give away once you join, to help you “get your 4” so you can start earning real passive residual income fast. Isnt it time to take control of your financial future?

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