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 Tools, Training, & Technology Exclusive to Xplocial Team Builders!

  • Team Link Rotator! Our team affiliate link rotator offers you (and your team) the opportunity to leverage our web based marketing for your benefit. Your Xplocial affiliate link will be added to the ‘Join Now’ Buttons on our main Xplocial Team Builders site as well as all our other team resources and marketing sites. We custom built this affiliate link rotator to deliver paid Xplocial signups to Xplocial Team Builders members and it has already delivered dozens of paying sign-ups to different Team Builders. No other Xplocial team offers this technology, nor can they drive the volume of traffic required to convert, like we are. Don’t miss this chance to have us promoting your link!
  • FREE Viral Blogging System.  We give you access to our team-only viral blogging system for free!  WordPress is simple and effective, but it can take time to learn how to get it effectively working for you. Cut down your learning curve and eliminate unnecessary confusion and struggle setting up your blog, and transforming it into a powerful lead generation system. Plug into our Viral Blogging System and Team Training site to avoid the hassle of set-up and start marketing, and completing income generating activities right away.  This is the same technology used by the Empower Network, worth $25/mo, free to you if you join the Xplocial Team Builders.
  • Free Web Hosting, WordPress Installation & Premium WordPress Theme. Generally reserved for advanced marketers, or new marketers seeking to take MASSIVE ACTION, if you would like more than 1 WordPress location to publish to (beyond the team viral site) we will give you free hosting, install wordpress for you and add a premium theme for you that makes customizing your theme simple. Plus we have all the trainings you’ll need to turn your WordPress site into a lead magnet!
  • And the best part about these bonuses is, by joining The Xplocial Team Builders, you qualify to give these same tools, bonuses, and technology to everyone you bring on to your Xplocial Team!


The Xplocial Team Builders Marketing & Business Building Trainings

On Top of the Bonuses mentioned above, Xplocial Team Builders Members (And Your Team) Will Gain Access to Our Exclusive Marketing, and WordPress Membership Training Site.

Free Trainings Exclusive To Xplocial Team Builders:

  • Ready to Go Email Auto-Responder & List Building Kit. You will receive everything you need to turn web traffic into leads and sales. We give you landing page copy, bonus reports and an autoresponder email follow up series. We spent over $300 having content written, not to mention our own time creating all of this so you don’t have to!
  • Complete WordPress Training Guide.  Learn the basics, as well as well as the technical side of how to publish, edit posts and pages and leverage WordPress as a powerful online sales funnel system.
  • Proven Content Marketing Strategy & Training. Leverage our proven content marketing strategy to drive traffic online, capture leads and convert leads into sales by tapping into the Global Connected Economy. This is so valuable as Xplocial is 100% open to the world!
  • Advanced Marketing Training Section. Continuously updated advanced marketing training will teach you advanced marketing strategies that work! Learn Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing,  reverse marketing, and more!

You Are Able To Share Our Exclusive Team Training Site With Your Entire Team!

The Xplocial Team Builders Technology, Bonuses, Trainings & Tools
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Note: This Is Not An Opportunity For the Lazy or the Crazy!

Just a quick word of warning. If you are looking for a magic pill that builds a massive income for you on auto-pilot, you’re crazy! That sort of magic pill flat out does not exist!

If you’re looking to join a team that someone else builds for you 100%, you’re lazy, and we’re not interested in working with lazy marketers. If someone tells you they are going to build your entire business for you chances are you’re being flat out LIED to!

The truth is, success is what YOU make it.  We are ready to give you the tools, trainings and support you need in order to become successful, but know know that it takes work to create lifestyle-changing residual income streams of $30,000+

If you are committed to changing your financial future, taking the reigns of control, and creating your lifestyle by design we’re here to help.  We are working this business full time, already and our goal is to help as many teammates as possible to go full time with Xplocial as possible…  At this point, the only real question to ask yourself is this:

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PS. You are being offered the exact tools, trainings and methodologies we personally use to create lifestyle-changing income. Unlike many of the big-shot ‘gurus’ who teach one thing and do another, we are actively using these amazing incentives and marketing strategies to build massive email lists, connect with like-minded business builders and to take control of our financial future.  This is your personal invitation to join us.

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But, you may be wondering…  Who are the Xplocial Team Builders?

Our Goal Is To Help You To Design A Life That’s Worth Living!

Melanie and MilesHi, I’m Melanie, and I’m here with my husband and business partner Miles. Just a few short years ago we were stacked high with student debt, and struggling to create a positive lifestyle for ourselves by promoting various home based business opportunities, but only experiencing failure.

Yeah, we got sold on the whole “Network Marketing dream”. I mean who wouldn’t, it sounds great making money to sit on the beach soaking up the sun and drinking delicious cold coconut water.

But what the big shots and heavy hitters don’t tell you, is that their key to success was not really their amazing MLM product, their company, or presenting their opportunity to friends and family members…. Their success came from their huge LIST of contacts they simply tapped in to promote the opportunity to.

We tried following the corporate plan for success, and we failed. We actually had to move back in with Miles’ parents for a while because we couldn’t afford rent, student loan payments, and groceries… OUCH!

It wasn’t that we weren’t putting in the work either. We were taking massive action, writing articles, cold calling leads, and pestering our friends and family. We were building our business and making some money, just not enough to support ourselves, much less lead the kind of lifestyle we were dreaming about, and that we kept hearing the superstars in our company boasting about their “Beach Money” lifestyles.

We were trying to build our business exactly how our up line had taught us, following the corporate trainings, and come to find out, we were doing things in the entirely wrong way… Maybe you can relate?

You probably have a wonderful product or opportunity. But, promoting it with the old school methods your up-line is preaching simply doesn’t work. Not if you really have a big vision for creating your lifestyle by your design, and definitely not in the new connected economy.

It wasn’t until we stopped listening to our upline’s outdated advice and dug in to WordPress, Online Lead Generation and Internet Marketing that things began to click. Now, a short couple years later we both work from home, full time on a 13 acre estate with vineyard, orchard, creek and multiple gardens.

With mailing lists that have 10,000+ opt-in subscribers and WordPress sites that receive thousands of organic visits per day, it all makes sense, now…And honestly, it feels easy.

But, we remember how confusing this all was, just a few short years ago when we were complete noobs. We have had a few key mentors, coaches and systems that deserve most the credit, but we dug deep, broke through personal barriers and limiting beliefs while working our asses off for a few years straight, now.

Our persistence and determination mixed with good advice and a crazy amount of trial and error has led us to this exact moment in time where we are getting to connect with you.

We are both full time from home, actively building our residual income with this business and these tools we are sharing with you, right now.  This team is already attracting energetic entrepreneurs, like yourself, who are all focused on helping each other and building the top Xplocial team.

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves, dig in with us and push through, we are more than happy to help… We are already building this business and marketing many team sites, so you have a unique opportunity to take advantage of our efforts!  And as your team begins to grow, we are happy to help your teammates, and their teammates, too.

join our inner circle and to show you we are serious, we have add hundreds of dollars worth of bonuses in addition to offering our time and energy to physically help you set up your WordPress site and create trainings with one goal in mind…  To help you expedite your path to success.

Do you have questions about Xplocial or about the Xplocial Team Builder bonuses?  Want to have your questions answered before joining???  You can email us at xplocial (at) and if you’d like to get on the phone, simply email us your telephone number and the best time to call and Miles or I will call you as soon as we can!!!


Read what others who have joined the Xplocial Team Builders are saying after joining the Xplocial Team Builders in June & July 2013!

“Miles you’re one of the friendliest and most helpfull guys i’ve ever met.  People that consider to join this teambuild, dont consider JUST DO IT.  You’ll get more then a handfull of tools to Xplode your bussiness.”
“I just met Miles for the first time right after I joined a few days ago! We talked on phone…emailed back and forth, making Xplocial happen. I can say with confidence you’ll be impressed with his strategies and effective tools. I also believe the #1 failure for any start up is lack of support. I know they are committed…”
“I did talk with Miles…great guy! Easy sign up and very simple laid out steps in the back office to get going. I believe Xplocial is the right business for all network marketers,MLM’ers, everyday folks, and for that matter anyone with their own home based business or even professional businesses like doctors, realtors, trades, insurance, etc. who can proudly give these “incentives” to their clients and increase business.”
“Hey Guys, you are doing a fantastic job! just received an affiliate a few minutes ago!  Thanks for all your support helping us out!”
“I am pumped…  I am only a few days into this and I have two people under me.  And with all the tools I have a custom landing page with messages loaded.”

I takes a team to build a business and that is exactly what we are offering you here…. The chance to become a part of a team that will help you build a real business that pays you residual income, from home!  To claim your place on our fast growing team, click here and complete the signup process, now.

If you have questions that remain unanswered, start by taking a read through our Xplocial Blog, or you can email Xplocial at with any questions you may have and we’ll do our best to answer them for you.  Feel free to include your phone number if you would like a call back, we are happy to reach out.  We are full time Xplocial Team Builders and we are here to answer your questions and to help you in any way we can.

INCOME DISCLAIMER: Any earnings portrayed at Xplocial Team Builders and any Xplocial websites or marketing materials are not necessarily representative of the income that an individual Xplocial Affiliate can or will earn through his or her participation in the Xplocial Compensation Plan. All references to income are for illustrative purposes only. Your level of income will be determined by your effort, participation and dedication in building your own business. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits.

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